About Us

Dr. Charles Kent has practiced Family Medicine since 1984, serving in the community of Quincy, Florida until 2013, when he moved his practice to Tallahassee.  He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and a member of the American College of Phlebology. He lives in Tallahassee with his wife, and they have three adult children.

Linda Schank has been a registered nurse since 1985, and has worked in medical/surgical ICU, endoscopy, school nursing, and as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. She and her husband have raised four children in Tallahassee, and she has enjoyed the diversity and opportunities afforded her in her nursing career.

TVFC shares office space with Dr. Kent’s Preventative Medicine and Family Medicine located at 3301 Thomasville Rd.

Opening The Vein Clinic

Dr. Charles Kent, M.D. and Linda Schank, R.N. opened Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic in 1999. Our focus at the time was the treatment of spider veins. However, we soon realized the need for treatment of varicose veins, and that need involves more than just cosmetic appearance. We’ve seen that venous disease affects the ability to be active and to work, and it is something people learn to cope with, but it restricts their enjoyment of life. Initially we closed varicose veins with lasers. We changed methods after a time, deciding that Radio-frequency closure is a better option for our patients because of increased safety and comfort.

Ms. Schank has trained with several physicians in the administration of cosmetic treatments. Currently we offer Botox, Lipodissolve, and Facial Treatments at our clinic in addition to the treatment of veins.