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When spider veins or varicose veins affect how you feel about the appearance of your legs, you can treat them with minimally invasive sclerotherapy. Charles W. Kent, MD, and the medical team at Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic offer sclerotherapy procedures at the office in Tallahassee, Florida. Find out how sclerotherapy can minimize the appearance of red and blue spider veins on your face and treat painful varicose veins in your legs.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment that destroys spider veins just under the skin’s surface as well as enlarged, bulging varicose veins. The procedure involves injecting a sclerosing agent into the vein to irritate its lining. This irritation causes the vessel walls to stick together and ultimately collapse.

After the vein collapses, your blood naturally re-routes to nearby, healthy veins. The destroyed vein shrinks over time, and the vessel is no longer visible beneath the surface of your skin.

Am I a candidate for sclerotherapy?

The team at Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic can determine if you require sclerotherapy to treat visible spider veins or painful varicose veins in your legs.

You can also benefit from sclerotherapy to treat the noticeable red, pink, violet, or blue spider veins on your cheeks, nose, or chest.

The Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic medical team assesses the damaged veins that bother you to determine if sclerotherapy is right for you or if you’d benefit from another vein treatment, such as an ambulatory phlebectomy.

What can I expect during sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a nonsurgical, in-office therapy that involves the use of a needle to inject the irritant agent into the damaged veins. Depending on your needs, you might need several injections over a period of several months to achieve optimal results.

The team at Tallahassee Vein & Face Clinic uses different types of sclerosing agents, including a foam that can effectively address varicose veins not large enough to need an ambulatory phlebectomy or a vein closure treatment.

Injecting the foam into the vein results in the foam expanding to fill the vein and irritate its lining. Over time, the treated vein becomes sticky and seals itself shut.

You can expect to go home after your sclerotherapy procedure with minimal limitations. It can take several months to see the full benefit of treatment as your veins continue to shrink and eventually disappear over time.

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